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Bakery Tips

Additional Information to make your use of SweetPaws Plain Universal Icing easier.

Universal Plain icing may be coloured using most reputable powdered, liquid, or gel colours available from the supermarket or from catering supplies.

If you are planning to flavour with peanut butter, do NOT use ordinary peanut butter. Bells Plantation PB2 is a powdered peanut butter flavour that is suitable to use (38g to 250g icing). The oil in normal peanut butter will denature your icing. Powdered carob from your health store is suitable. For ice-cream, AYAM brand dried coconut milk is a good flavouring, as is pulped fruit.

Oil will also prevent icing from sticking to cookies, cakes etc. If you use a wash to seal cakes and cookies, don't use a sugar wash. Use gelatine dissolved in water instead.

Moisture is your enemy. Normal icing is mostly sugar which is a natural preservative. SweetPaws Icing Pre-mix contains a lot of starch and no preservative. Moisture will allow moulds to get breeding within hours and visible within a couple of days. Moulds are everywhere.